Blue Diamond - Phase 1

Here we will document the birth of the Blue Diamond. It is interesting and educational to discover what it takes to build a ground-up custom... Hope you enjoy it!

We got the frame parts and wheels from Kennedy, and a Polished Ness Motor and Trans, and things started to happen! mockup 3

We are in what is called, the mock-up stage. Here Geoff (Lowrider) pretends he knows what he is doing! We have taken the chassis and strapped it to the sled. Then the motor and trans got bolted up and aligned. A critical step.

We wanted to put the Karata motor plate on, but had to get a special tool to pull the inner bearing on the trans shaft, which is not used with the Karata setup. Got it, did it... fits great!

There was a small alignment problem with the GMA Pulley Rotor. It's a great piece, but we had to make some adjustments to make it work! mockup 2

Ultimately we had to fabricate some serious spacers, but it lines up great now! The pulley rotor puts the rear brake inside the wheel pulley leaving the right side of the wheel completely exposed... with the Kennedy 120 spoke wheel, this is the way to go.

The RC Components Chrome forward controls are awesome... Simple well-made and well priced.

This is the most important phase of the entire build as all the design decisions are made here before any paint, chrome or even body work can be done.

We started the wiring ... a tough job as we don't have fat bob tanks mockup 4 to hide everything. The tire is an Avon Piece... Fat enuf for ya? The final pieces have started to arrive, so the wiring and plumbing and final fab work is underway... This is the fun part!

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