Blue Diamond - Phase 3

stage3 picture 1

We are almost there!! We are in the final stages now.... Final fitment, body work, fabrication of brackets, etc. Here you can see that the tank and fenders are on... The back wheel had to go on & off maybe 25 times so we could adjust the fender and the belt alignment. We cut stainless steel spacers for the rear wheel, and had to make a bracket to hold the Jesse James (West Coast Choppers) Hell Bent pipes in place! These pipes are AWESOME, and as you might guess very pricey!!! But they fit the bike perfectly and they are made very well... I think they are gonna be very LOUD!

pipes 1

Here is a better look. The pipes are made in three pieces all welded together... They start out at 1 3/4", then step up to 2", then up to 2 1/4". For this bike, the pipes cover things that they should, and don't hide any more of the pretty motor and tranny than they need to! The curves also work well with the lines on the bike. Can't wait to hear them!!

stage3 picture 2

In this shot, you can see the bracket we have fabricated to hold the GMA Brake/Pulley system in place... it is on the lower frame rail in front of the axle bolt... GMA supplied a weld on bracket that would allow the brake arm to show... We could not have this, so we made the bracket... This same bracket will hold a left mounted license plate, which we are fabricating now... This will be efficient, and make the brake bracket look much nicer... we will also be running our brake lines through the bottom of this part, for a Very clean look! You may also notice the side covers behind the Oil bag... This one holds the ignition key, in a utility box we built behind it. We needed these covers to hide some wires and also to cover the exposed area at the top of the battery, that just would not do!

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