About Us

Blue Diamond Trophy Bike

We are just a bunch of guys in Central Florida who always dreamed of ditching the boss and doing what we love which is Scoots! There are a ton of miles and years behind us; Daytona, Sturgis, 4 Corners; now it's our turn!! We have done the work on our bikes since '77 and now we are ready to turn our attention to yours. Whether it's a 20 over All out custom chopper, or just some horses and chrome on your existing sled, talk to us, we can help! Contact us with your questions or customizing projects. If it has to do with Harleys, we can do it! If you are in Minnesota, maybe it is inappropriate to let us change your oil, but parts, chroming, engine work, whatever, we can help. Maybe you just can't find the oil pump for the Pan, or you want to know how to stuff that 200 tire under your Heritage. Give us a shout. What we don't know we will find out for you. Honest answers, honest prices... that's what we are talkin' bout!

Tired of getting jerked around at bike shops? So were we! That is why we created ChopperDesign.Com !